BigScoots has come a long way since our inception 9 years ago. This month we have achieved another major milestone by upgrading our network infrastructure to support redundant 10Gbps throughout. We always aim to provide the highest level of service to our customers with top of the line enterprise-grade infrastructure. Even when selecting the best hardware to use for our 10 Gigabit network wide upgrade, we had to carefully plan and carry out with precision to ensure a smooth transition with absolutely zero interruption to our clients.

ethernetTo put a 10 Gigabit network into perspective, consider that an average WordPress website in a month consumes less than 0.25mbps. Quick math will tell you that on average, that translates into 40,000 WordPress sites. Of course many sites consume much less and some sites consume much (much!) more. Whats important to remember is that the 10Gbps limitation is per port – of which our redundant switches and virtual chassis have 48, delivering a total redundant throughput of up to 256Gbps network wide.

BigScoots is proud to be a smaller managed web hosting provider who can focus the extra time and attention necessary to deliver the unmatched results our clients have grown accustomed to. As a smaller provider, we’re light years away from hitting that massive 256Gbps ceiling, but that is precisely the reason we upgraded! Being restricted to a 1Gbps or even a 100mbps network means that as you and your web host scales, you can be forced quickly into costly upgrades or even worse, run directly into a network-flavored-brick-wall, ouch!

Being smaller also makes us much more agile, so when new hardware and technology becomes available, we’re able to help you get ahead of the game by prioritizing our clients rather than our share holders and focus squarely on improving services across the board. I can assure you the upgrade wasn’t cheap, but you’re all worth it! 🙂

Posted by Scott

Hi, I’m Scott! As CEO, President and co-founder I oversee all executive operations. Having held the position for just over 8 years, BigScoots has grown substantially in that time and forced me to adapt and relearn the industry many times over. I am responsible for all vendor partnerships, business forecasting and working directly with customers to learn what BigScoots does well and how we can improve. I hold a degree in Cellular and Molecular Biology and when not in Chicago or travelling, I’m in London with my wife and pet cat Jack.