As a lot of you may have already noticed, we are now offering free SSL certificates thanks to a certificate authority known as LetsEncrypt.  These certificates provide you with the same level of encryption as all other certificates out there. We mention this because the very first question that comes about is, “Well, its free so what is the catch?”.  Answer.. There is no catch, in an attempt to make the internet a safer place a group of people, more specifically the Internet Security Research Group (ISRG) has taken on the responsibility of providing us with a free and automated way of obtaining these certificates.

How do you take advantage of these free SSL certificates? 

Easy.. Just open up a ticket and we’ll get it setup for you.  Automatically issue an SSL via cPanel. This is done per cPanel account, so ALL domains/subdomains within the account will then be given a certificate.  These certificates last 90 days, but are renewed automatically every 60 days essentially providing you with a free, never expiring certificate for the life of your stay here with us.

Some things to note…

Duplicate content, you may or may not be familiar with this term when it comes to Google. In as little words as possible, Google likes to see one “version” of your site, and this basically comes down to deciding on whether or not you want your site to use www in your URL. Google doesn’t want to be able to load your site using both: and

They want to see you pick one, and have the other redirect to it.  If you choose,, then going to should automatically redirect you to and vice versa.  This same rule applies to using an SSL on your website.  Google doesn’t want to see that they can load your site using both: and

And because this article’s sole purpose is to bring more awareness about the need for encryption to protect everyone’s information, we will decide that we want our site to only load using, and because of that we will make sure to redirect to  The following articles will help you to make your site run solely using the https version.

Using .htaccess to force https on your website
How to force https on your site running WordPress
How to fix mixed content warnings on your website after forcing https

There is very little reasons why you should opt out from using a certificate on your site but there are special cases and those who just simply do not want to make the switch.  If this is the case, and you notice your site IS loading when going to the https version, please let us know by opening a ticket and we’ll get it removed right away OR you can redirect HTTPS to HTTP using your .htaccess file shown in this article here:

Redirecting your domain from https to http using .htaccess in cPanel

As always, if you have any questions feel free to reach out to us at anytime!

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  1. Geez I freaking love you guys. Please for the love of god don’t sell out like every other host I’ve ever used.


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